Sealy Campus Advisory Committee

Name Title Most Recent Board Appointment Currently Serving Term Expires
Ms. Dee Anne Lerma Chair Realtor, Mortgage Loan Servicer and Private Real Estate Investor 8-2016 3rd Term August 2022
Mr. Ryan Svoboda Vice-Chair Executive VP/CFO and Chief Operations Officer at Citizens State Bank 11-2015 2nd Term August 2022
Ms. Diana Holub Secretary District Behavior Specialist & PASS Coordinator for Royal ISD 11-2015 2nd Term August 2021
Mr. Mark Nastoupil Registered Pharmacist 8-2016 3rd Term August 2021
Mr. Larry Kuciemba Owner, Paramont Promotions-Sealy & Katy, TX City Manager-Sealy, Texas 11-2016 3rd Term August 2021
Mr. Lloyd Merill City Manager, City of Sealy 10-2019 1st Term (Appointed 10/2019) August 2022
Mr. Robert Worley Sealy Economic Development Executive Director 10-2019 1st Term (Appointed 10/2019) August 2022