Campus Services and Activities

Campus Services and Activities

Does Blinn offer food services?

Yes. Plexiglas has been installed in appropriate locations and the floors are marked to encourage social distancing in lines. All meals are served on individual plates and self-serve and buffet stations are closed.

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Can students eat in campus dining halls?

Yes. Dining area seating are arranged to encourage social distancing and all dining spaces undergo frequent cleanings.

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Can I get my meals to go?

Yes. In addition to serving meals for consumption in the dining spaces, the College does provide meals to go.

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Are campus bookstores open? How can I order textbooks?

The Blinn College bookstore locations operated by Barnes & Noble are now open with social distancing rules in place. Additionally, students can purchase their textbooks online and have them shipped to their home for free. You can shop online at the Brenham Campus Bookstore at or at the Bryan Campus Bookstore at
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Are campus libraries open?

Campus libraries are open and subject to social distancing restrictions. Library study areas and computers will be open and students can check out books, games, and movies. Research and instructional librarians are available to assist students working on research papers and projects.

Additionally, students will have online access to the library chat, databases, and electronic books at

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Are campus health clinics open?

Yes. Baylor Scott & White continues to manage Blinn's health clinics on the Brenham, Bryan, and RELLIS campuses. Students, staff, and faculty who demonstrate flu symptoms should first call the on-campus clinic and set up an appointment. Each clinic will limit the number of people who can enter the facility at one time.

For more information, please see If you used the Campus Clear app and were not cleared to come to campus, please see

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Are campus testing centers open?

Campus Learning Centers are offering testing services and are subject to social distancing guidelines. To take an exam in the campus Learning Centers, students must make a reservation at
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Does Blinn continue to offer tutoring services?

Yes. Tutoring sessions are available online seven days a week. Tutoring sessions are conducted live via a video chat, and students can share their work via video whiteboards. Reservations can be made by selecting "Online Tutoring" at
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Are campus computer labs open?

Yes. Campus computer labs are subject to social distancing guidelines and undergo frequent cleanings. Computer stations are wiped down between each use.

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Are campus writing centers open?

Writing center services are available online at
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Will student activities take place?

Blinn’s Student Leadership and Activities Department hosts virtual and socially distanced activities for students. Student organizations host their annual involvement fairs through virtual platforms and socially distanced table displays and student organizations conduct virtual meetings.

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Is the Kruse Center open?

Yes. The Kruse Center, the student recreation center located on the Brenham Campus, is open. More information about the updated hours and health and safety procedures can be found on the Kruse Center web page.
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Will Blinn host a Spring 2021 commencement ceremony?

At this time, Blinn plans to host a virtual commencement ceremony in Spring 2021.
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What mental health and coping resources are available during COVID?

We understand the virus has caused stress for many communities and individuals. The Office of Disability Services and Counseling provides resources to help improve your overall well-being. Please contact their office to schedule a virtual appointment, request resources, or follow their social media pages.

For any other questions, please email or call the Disability Services and Counseling Office on your respective campus.

Brenham, Sealy, or Schulenburg campuses:

979-830-4196 or

Bryan Campus:

979-209-7251 or

RELLIS Campus:

979-209-8947 or

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Is the Disability Services and Counseling Office open in person?

The office is available for limited in-person appointments but recommends virtual appointments. At this time, walk-ins will not be permitted. Please email or call ahead to request an appointment. CDC guidelines recommend physical distancing of at least 6 feet. To maintain these protocols, the office must know in advance when students are visiting the office. 

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How will Disability Services and Counseling provide services if courses are moved online?

Disability Services and Counseling will continue to provide accommodations and support to students if courses are moved online. Virtual appointments will be available for testing, mental health counseling and disability services.
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Can a student use the testing center in ODS or the Learning Center to take exams and quizzes? How do I schedule my exams?

Students using the testing space in the Disability Services Office are required to schedule testing reservations in advance. In-person testing times and space will be limited to adhere to the CDC physical distancing and cleaning protocols. Virtual appointments are highly recommended.

Students who utilize the Learning Center for proctoring should contact the Learning Center to schedule testing reservations. Walk-ins will be permitted but space is limited to follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing and cleaning. We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance.

Students will have the option to utilize Honorlock for proctoring exams. 


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Can a student request an exemption from the requirement to wear a face covering?

Some students may have difficulty wearing a mask due to a medical diagnosis or other disability. Students should contact Disability Services at their respective campus to request an exemption through the accommodation process. As this is a public health crisis, exemptions are likely only to be accommodated through face shields or online classes.

Advance notice of the need for accommodations/exemptions can help to ensure that there is adequate time to review the request and decide on a case-by-case basis. If a student has been approved for this exception to the policy, they will be given an accommodation letter to provide to faculty members to allow them to remain in class. If consistent with the need for accommodation, a face shield should be worn instead of a face covering. If this is not possible, the CDC recommends limiting exposure to others and maintaining a 6 feet physical distance at all times in the absence of a face covering. Students should consider using available distance education options.

For requests based on a religious concern, students should contact the Dean of Student Engagement.

Blinn employees should contact Human Resources to request accommodations/exemptions.

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How will Disability Services make determinations for exemptions of face coverings?

The Disability Services Office will use their review process for requests of an exemption. Students requesting an accommodation/exemption will need to discuss their concerns and provide documentation for their request. As this is a public health crisis, exemptions are likely only to be accommodated through face shields or online classes. 
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How will interpreting services be provided for remote learning?

Blinn's interpreting services vendor will provide services to students utilizing Zoom. Please contact the Office of Disability Services to have this set up.

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Can a student request accommodations for in-person courses regarding the method of attendance?

Students who have medical conditions or are in a vulnerable population should contact the Disability Services Office (ODS) to discuss their concerns. Through an interactive process, the student and ODS can determine reasonable accommodations. All in-person courses have a remote synchronous learning environment. It is recommended that students with medical conditions consider attending hi-flex courses remotely.

Students may also consider registering for distance education courses. 

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How do students send a letter of accommodation (LOA) to a faculty member?

With the use of remote learning, emailing faculty a copy of your LOA will be the best option for discussing student accommodations. Intentional communication and a proactive reminder of the accommodation a student needs can minimize confusion or issues surrounding accommodations.

LOAs can be requested online at the following website: Letter request forms are to be used for current students only. Once a request is received, LOAs will be emailed to the student's BUC student account through the student's myBLINN portal. Please contact your respective campus for further information.

(Bryan Campus –; Brenham, Schulenburg, and Sealy campuses –; RELLIS Campus –

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I am experiencing a crisis or have a student in crisis, what should I do?

Our priority is the safety of students. Please call or email our office in advance to request a virtual appointment. The Counseling Office will have limited in-person availability. If you believe a student is in immediate danger, please call 911 or campus police. 
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