Critical Incident Response Team

Critical Incident Response Team

Welcome to Blinn College in Bryan, TX. It is with pride that I introduce you to Blinn’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). The idea for CIRT came about in 1999 and by the year 2001, the team was formed and trained. As you can see by our mission and information statements, we are a group of dedicated volunteers that assist the campus police in the event of a critical incident. The CIRT operates under the authority of campus police.

Mission Statements

Volunteer to provide for a safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Act in accordance to campus policy  to respond to any critical incident that may occur on our campuses in which volunteers are needed.

Blinn College Critical Incident Response Team is comprised of over 30 faculty & staff volunteers committed to respond during a critical incident.  The Critical Incident Response Team is a group of volunteers trained to assist in mitigation, response, and recovery processes of critical incidents.  While not trained to be police officers, firefighters, or medical personnel,  the team members have immediate communication access to trained professionals.

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