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Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) Technician

The 60-credit-hour Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technician Associate of Applied Science Degree provides instruction in the maintenance, customization, acquisition, and commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), or drones. The program will launch on the Brenham Campus in Fall 2021, then expand to the RELLIS Campus in Fall 2022.

Students pursuing an AAS in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems learn the concepts required to become a professional in the field, including electronics, mechanical design, and programming, and obtain specialized knowledge in unmanned aircraft systems, including flight, design, policy, and mission planning. Students also learn design and fabrication, drone flight skills and operations, electronics, aerodynamics, flight theory for small unmanned aircraft, the operation of digital systems, anti-collision sensors, vision and GPS systems, 3D printing, drone customization, field repairs, design and flight safety, and explore business opportunities.

Professionals trained in the maintenance and operation of sUAS are employed across a wide range of fields. Students can choose electives in a field of interest, including aerial photography, air and rescue, agriculture and forestry, construction, facilities and structure inspection, firefighting, law enforcement and disaster response, military and defense, oil and gas, and transport and delivery.

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