You are using the Directory Server Gateway. This interface can be used to search for, modify, and create entries that are stored in the Directory Server.
You are currently viewing the Standard Search screen, which provides an easy and convenient way to search the directory. Standard Search examines what you type and automatically selects one or more methods for searching the directory. Enter a name, telephone number, user id, or e-mail address in the Search For field and click the Search button to quickly locate directory entries. Click the Help button if you need additional assistance.
The toolbar you see at the top of this window is always available when you are using the Directory Server Gateway. In addition to Standard Search, you can click the other buttons to perform a variety of tasks. If you want to modify your own directory entry, first search for it using Standard or Advanced Search and then click the Edit Person button within the entry display.
With Advanced Search, you can specify exactly what you are looking for, what attribute you wish to search for, and what type of matching you wish to allow.
New Entry New Entry allows you to create new entries in the directory. Depending on how the system administrator has set up your directory you may need to be granted special permission to add new entries. If you are not sure, ask your system administrator.
Authenticate You use the authentication screens to log into and out of the directory. You need to authenticate before you can modify or add entries to the directory. You may also need to authenticate before searching the directory, if your system administrator requires it.