Spring 2020 Graduation Ceremony Information

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Graduation Checklist

  • All graduation degree, certificate, or occupational skills award requirements must be completed.
  • Graduation application on file.
  • All accounts must be paid in full at the Business Office.
  • All holds must be cleared.

Graduation Etiquette

  • • No corsages may be worn on the graduation gown.
    • Keep in mind – the robe is knee- to shin-length. Slacks or knee-length skirts are appropriate.
    • You may be standing for an hour or longer, please wear comfortable shoes.
    • If you decorate your cap, it must be tasteful; no vulgar or inappropriate language. No 3-dimensional items extending from the cap that could block someone else’s view. Decorated caps will be reviewed at the ceremony check-in. If not following the guidelines, the cap will be taken up and you will be given a new cap to wear during the ceremony.

Cap and Gown

Blinn College provides one set of a cap, gown and tassel to each graduate participating in the ceremony at no cost. Caps and gowns do not need to be pre-ordered.  Students participating in the ceremony on May 14 may pick up their cap and gown April 20 through May 14.  Gowns sizes are based on height; plus sizes are available. Caps and gowns may be picked up at either the Brenham or Bryan Student Activity Offices in the Student Center. If you are unable to get to the Bryan or Brenham campus locations prior to May 14, please contact Sheri Rich at the Brenham campus (979) 830-4181, Sheri.Rich@blinn.edu  or Lane King at the Bryan campus (979) 209-7585, lane.king@blinn.edu to make other arrangements for obtaining the cap and gown.

Procedures on May 14, 2020 (before the ceremony)

  • • Do not arrive at the Brenham High School before 5:00 p.m. This is a regular business day for Blinn College and the staff will not be available to assist graduates or their guests before 5:00pm. Also, the Brenham High School students, faculty and staff will need time to leave the campus.
    • There will be a come-and-go reception hosted by the Blinn College Alumni & Friends Association for the graduates and their guests at the Brenham High School at 5:00pm until 5:45pm. The Alumni & Friends Association will send invitations for the reception.
    • At 5:45pm, graduates can start checking in and lining up and their guests can start entering the auditorium.
    • Graduates are expected to be at the Brenham High School no later than 6:10pm. Please plan accordingly for travel time and parking so you do not arrive late to the ceremony. There is not a rehearsal beforehand. Blinn College staff will direct graduates to the proper area to line up. (Please refer to the map at the end of this document for directions to the high school.)
    • At check-in, graduates will receive a card with their name and degrees, certificates and/or occupational skills listed. Graduates must keep this card until they reach the stage; then give it to the reader. The card will be used to read your name and later for the photographer for contact information. Graduates who apply for graduation by April 20 and are in-progress for Spring or Summer 2020 Graduation will have a pre-printed card. For students not meeting this criteria, the card will be completed at check-in if needed.
    • Graduates will line up according to degree (AA, AS, or AAS), certificates and occupational skills. There will be staff members assisting in the line formation process throughout the ceremony.
    • Students arriving late will be placed out of order at the end of the line.
    • The procession leaves promptly at 6:20 pm, following the administration and faculty.
    • Please contact Disability Services by April 22 if you will need assistance with seating arrangements, the procession or crossing the stage – 979-830-4410.
    • Please leave all personal belongings (purses, jackets, cell phones, etc.) with your guests prior to check-in. Blinn College will not be responsible for any personal items left at the Brenham High School

Procedure During Graduation Ceremony

  • The tassel is worn on the right side of the cap.
  • All graduates will walk in single file and remain standing until after the invocation, Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem are completed. (Men, please remove caps).
  • At check-in, graduates will receive a card with their name and degrees, certificates and/or occupational skills listed. Graduates must keep this card until they reach the stage; then give it to the reader. The card will be used to read your name and later for the photographer for contact information.
  • Each graduate will be recognized by the Chancellor. Students should receive the scroll in their left hand while shaking hands with their right hand.
  • Diplomas, certificates and occupational skills awards will not be distributed to graduates at the ceremony. Final grades are due on Friday, May 15, 2020. Diplomas, certificates and occupational skills awards will be mailed in the weeks following the graduation date.

Additional Information

  • Each graduate may invite as many family and friends as he/she Please note that there is LIMITED seating in the auditorium and seating is on a first come, first served basis. There will be security on site to prevent reserved seating.
  • To have their name printed in the ceremony program, students must apply by April 20, 2020 and be eligible to graduate in either Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 term.      
  • Graduates and their guests are requested to be respectful to all graduates and the college by attending the entire ceremony.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices should be silenced.
  • Absolutely no food, drinks, balloons, air horns or other noise makers allowed in the auditorium.
  • For information on obtaining a class ring, please contact the Blinn College Bookstore (Brenham – 979-251-7810 or Bryan – 979-775-1846).
  • FLASH Photography is the official commencement photographer. Graduates will be photographed and proofs will be sent to each graduate the weeks after the ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Flash directly via their website at www.FLASHphotography.com.
  • Check the Graduation FAQs.
  • • For additional questions, please contact Kristi Reddoch in the Brenham Admissions office at Kristi.reddoch@blinn.edu or 979-830-4174.

Tassels, Stoles, and Cords

Members of the following organizations may obtain special tassels, stoles or cords from the organization’s coordinators. Please contact the coordinator for price and pick-up location.

Phi Theta Kappa-Brenham

Coordinator: Dillon Phipps
Email: Dillon.phipps@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-830-4098
Office: Academic Building, Office 4
Coordinator: Sophia Polk
Email: sophia.polk@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-830-4134
Office: Disability Services Office,
Administration Building

Phi Theta Kappa-Bryan

Coordinator: Emily Erdmann
Email: emily.erdmann@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-209-8282
Office: A-279
Coordinator: Shonda Whetstone
Email: shonda.whetstone@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-209-7333
Office: A-141

Sigma Kappa Delta-Brenham

Coordinator: Clinton Hale
Email: Clinton.hale@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-830-4403
Office: Academic Bldg, Room 14 (Writing Center)
Coordinator: Amanda Phipps
Email: amanda.phipps@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-830-4186
Office: Academic Bldg, Office 13
Coordinator: Christina Mock
Email: Christina.mock@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-830-4058
Office: Academic Bldg, Office 5

Sigma Kappa Delta-Bryan

Coordinator: Olympia Sibley
Email: olympia.sibley@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-209-8605
Office: A-131
Coordinator: Regina Peters
Email: regina.peters@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-209-8959
Office: H-172
Coordinator: Emily Littlejohn
Email: Emily.littlejohn@blinn.edu  
Phone: 979-209-8007
Office: H-172

Mu Alpha Theta

Coordinator: Samuel Chen
Email: Samuel.chen@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-830-4427
Office: Academic Bldg, Office 19

Military Veterans

Coordinator: Dr. Larry Van Meter
Email: Larry.Vanmeter@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-209-7504
Office: A-208

Service Learning-Brenham

Coordinator: Joyce Langenegger
Email: joyce.langenegger@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-209- 8991
Office: In Brenham – Library, In Bryan – H 155

Service Learning-Bryan

Coordinator: Gilbert Schorlemmer
Email: gilbert.schorlemmer@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-209-7534
Office: T-110

Student Government Association-Brenham

Coordinator: Peter Rivera
Email: peter.rivera@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-830-4189
Office: Student Center, Room 111

Student Government Association-Bryan

Coordinator: Lane King
Email: lane.king@blinn.edu
Phone: 979-209-7585
Office: F-124

Map to Brenham High School - 525 A. H. Ehrig Drive, Brenham, TX 77833

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